• We were established in the year 1981 by the Founder and CEO Mr. JitendraGupta in a small rented premises in Chennai. In 1987 we shifted to Bangalore and acquired our present name. We have been a leading manufacturer of miniature rivets and screws in India.

• We understand that every customer’s need is unique and hence all our products are manufactured based on customer drawings and specifications.

• We have a stringent Quality Management System in place currently with ISO 9001:2015 certification from TUV-Sud(Germany). We have been ISO certified since 2002.

• Our inspection equipment, systems and procedures are the best in the industry. We also maintain traceability as per customer requirements.

Chairman Message

Jitendra Gupta

Micro Coldforge was started by Mr. Jitendra Gupta (CEO), back in 1987 in a small rented premise in Bangalore. The company initially started by doing job work and later making dish antennas. Today Micro Coldforge is probably THE ONLY manufacturer of Self Drilling Screws in India.The focus is on procuring all inputs indigenously and undertaking end to end manufacturing processes in India, thereby striving to completely “Make in India”.This product is an Import Substitute item and once the production capacities are ramped up, it will save the country millions in Foreign Exchange.

From the very outset the company caters to Champions of industry who are at the very top in their industry verticals. This ensures the best out of us and keeps us on the cutting edge and update with latest technologies and procedures and documentation and paperwork.

We are a continuously ISO 9001 certified company since 2002. This itself speaks volumes of what we are capable of. The latest certification we hold is ISO 9001:2015.

We have a range of OE Customers to whom we have been catering for over three decades now. We believe that it is our ability to build trust in our quality and ourselves which drives our company and keeps customers loyal for so long.

We believe in maintaining a healthy rapport with our customers and suppliers alike. This has stood us in good stead in our difficult times and we are really grateful to our Principals who have supported us in difficult times purely out of trust in our capabilities and potential.

Today we have multiple production units and a team of qualified & experienced personnel capable of in-house development of product design and tooling. We are a TIER I SUPPLIER to major auto manufacturers in India. Our experience gives us tremendous advantage in development of challenging components in the shortest time frame. We are pro-active in product development, localisation, and also reverse engineering of components.

Our success would not be possible without the contribution of our dedicated employees who have shared in our incredible journey thus far. Our team forms our backbone that comprises of a well-qualified and diligent team of technicians, engineers, workers and mechanics. They have a rich industrial experience and are fuelled by the zeal to excel. Our team works closely with the client to diligently understand their requirements and develop customized product as required.

We are a family managed business with a deep-rooted pioneering spirit and a wealth of highly relevant experience. Our goal is to remain at the cutting edge of each industry so that we may continue to create value for our stakeholders, surrounding communities and the wider economy.

We are proud of our past and passionate about our future and look forward to continuing our success alongside each of our partners to create something wonderful.


Mr. Jitendra Gupta,

Chief Executive Officer

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