From 5 minutes to 5 seconds

In the earlier days, a joint was made by drilling a hole & fixing the joint with the help of a nut and bolt which would take about 5 mins.

With the help of Self-Drilling Screws, this operation time is reduced to about 5 seconds, resulting in quicker installations, lower costs and less manpower requirement.

MICRO fasteners are designed to give maximum holding power.

The drill point is designed to drill/tap structural & mild steel with very less effort.

Our SDS thread design maximizes pull-out performance and minimizes blackout.

Our SDS comes with a strong EPDM washer.

EPDM washers have very high resistance to the weather conditions, ozone, UV exposure and oil. Hence it is excellent for outdoor applications.

EPDM washers have a life much longer than Polymer washers.

• Video of SDS installation. 


Self-drilling Screws have hardened drill points that will drill and thread in structural steel, mild steel, aluminum and wood. These drill points are made with the same method as high speed drill bits.

They are available in a variety of finishes with unique product features to suit a wide range of environmental conditions.

ØSteel – Used on steel frame construction or fastening other materials on steel. Also used in steel furniture.

ØWood – Used in wood structures like roof-deck and flooring.

ØAluminum – Used for construction & manufacture of windows


Newer applications are being found everyday.


1) Choose the proper size of self-drilling screw.

2) Load the socket on the electric/cordless drill.

3) Put the Self-drilling screw in the socket.

4) Drill the Self-drilling screw until its head is flush with the surface.

• Video of installation steps.


We make Self-Drilling screws with the following features:

• Material: Carbon Steel.

• Head Types: Hex Head with Flange.

• Package size: Bulk or small packing based on customer requirement.


Our current available sizes are as below.


#10 X 20

#12 X 25

#12 X 55

Length (Inches)

¾ “



Length (mm)




Max. Drill Capacity

3 mm

5 mm

5 mm

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